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Growing Our Agronomy Department

At Envision we have seen several changes in the agronomy department and the Co-Op as a whole with the recent merger with Mohall – Sherwood Farmers Union Oil. We now have locations in Mohall and Sherwood as part of Envision Cooperative and we are happy to welcome them as part of our Envision team!

Merging with Mohall - Sherwood will help our Co-Op offer services as far as custom application for herbicides that we have not done in the past in the Rugby area. Another opportunity will include utilizing the rail and storage capacity of Rugby’s dry fertilizer plant thereby ensuring the availability of products.

We have recently added staff to our agronomy team, and we are continuing to look for more additions. We recently hired Levi Heisler and his staff with North Central Ag to join Envision Cooperative and we will be adding the lines of seed that North Central Ag has handled historically. One of our main goals in the agronomy department is to be able to offer a full line of agronomy services and products for our customers to give you more options and more opportunities to find the right products for your farm. For more information on our line of products or services, please give us a call.

Rugby Agronomy Center at 776-7692  |  Mohall Agronomy Center 701-756-6469  |  Wolford Agronomy Center 701-583-2823

Roger Taylor
Agronomy Division Manager