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Grain Handling

Envision is a distributor of many brands of grain handling equipment for every need. Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable and can be counted on to deliver quality products that can handle your greatest challenges.

  • conveyors


    All brands—Batco, Convey-All, Meridian, Harvest by Meridian, and UniTube—offer swing, field loader, and underbin style conveyors. From 35' to 120,' these will fit most applications in the field, farm, or seed site.

  • tarps


    Agri-Cover offers grain truck, vehicle, semi, etc. styles of tarps, including roll tarps and folding, for pretty much any application you can think of.

  • fertilizer spreaders

    Fertilizer Spreaders

    BBI offers many different styles of fertilizer and lime spreaders, including boom-style and spinner-style in capacities from 1–15-ton, which will fit any farmer’s needs.

  • super 7 harrow

    Super 7 Harrow

    Elmer’s Manufacturing offers a 7-bar harrow that sets the standard in the industry. Sizes range from 50' to 90', with tooth-style and wear upgrades available.

  • aeration fans

    Aeration Fans

    All 3 brands—Grain Guard, Sukup, and Caldwell—offer hopper bin, corrugated, and tube-style aeration fans. High-speed full centrifugal, inline centrifugal, low-speed full centrifugal, and axial are all offered.

  • grain carts

    Grain Carts

    Both brands—J & M Manufacturing and Elmer’s Manufacturing—offer high-quality grain carts with competitive pricing. From 500–2,000 bushels, they provide a cart that will fit most farmers needs.

  • header trailers

    Header Trailers

    J & M Manufacturing offers header trailers that fit the need of most rigid, flex, and draper-style headers up to 50' in length. They offer both a single and double-axle-style trailer.

  • Seed Tenders

    Seed Tenders

    Both brands—J & M Manufacturing and Meridian—offer bumper, gooseneck, and semi-style seed tenders. With basic to loaded out models, they offer something to work for most farmers’ farm size and budget. Sizes range from 275 to 1,200 cubic feet.

  • Grain Augers

    Grain Augers

    All 3 brands—Meridian, Westeel, Westfield—offer takeout and swing styles. Sizing ranges from 6" to 13" in the takeout augers, and from 10" to 16" in the swing style augers. Lengths up to 125' should accommodate most farmers’ needs.

  • hopper bins

    Hopper Bins

    Meridian offers multi-purpose, grain, feed, seed, frac, etc. style of bins from 200–7,500 bushels. Diameters range from 8' to 18'.

  • grain bins

    Grain Bins

    Both brands—Sukup and Westeel—offer high-quality corrugated grain bins at competitive pricing, such as farm duty, stiffened farm duty, and commercial grade bins that will fit any farmers or grain elevators needs.

  • Woods cutters

    Woods Mowers

    Woods Equipment offers mowers from 36" to 20'. Varieties include finishing, brush, ditch, and flail shredding-style mowers.

  1. J & M


  • Jeremy Wolf
    Jeremy Wolf

    Rugby Equipment Sales Manager

    Email: jeremy.wolf@envisioncooperative.com
    Phone: (701) 739-6615

  • Chase Demers
    Chase Demers

    Setup and Delivery

  • Jennifer Hanson

    Mohall Equipment Sales Manager

    Phone: 701-263-7378

  • Brandon Reidman

    Mohall Equipment Sales

    Phone: 701-263-1426