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  • equine nutrition

    Equine Nutrition

    Total Equine

    Total Equine was developed from science and experience and first produced in 2000. The nutrient levels are based on what has been leaned by scientific research over the last 40 years. The physical form of extrusion and the specific ingredients are what horses, mules, and donkeys need to maximize health, attitude and performance.

    The base of Total Equine is alfalfa hay, which gives it the odor and flavor equines love. The palatability is excellent. The fiber level supplies 70-80% of the equine need for a safe ration. When fed at 4 lb. per 1000 lb. of body weight, Total Equine provides the nutrients required by mature equines when fed with adequate quality roughage.

  • livestock nutrition

    Livestock Nutrition

    Payback Feeds

    Every product in the CHS Payback feed lines are carefully formulated to help improve herd health, fertility, and meat production. Payback offers nutrition for Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Swine, Goat, Sheep, Equine and Show animals.

    Payback Mineral

    Payback provides mineral supplements for every stage of beef production. We offer products for feeding, finish diets and cow/calf production.

    Smartlic Low Moisture Tubs

    Extensive university research has gone into developing the innovative line of Smartlic supplements that target crucial areas like health, feed efficiency, and animal show and reproductive performance. Research consistently show that feeding Smartlic supplements helps improve forage utilization, and that, combined with Smartlic’s low consumption rate results in lower feed costs on a per-day, per-head basis.

    Payback Liquid

    We offer Payback liquid supplements in an array of applications for feedlot supplementation and cow/calf production. Payback liquid is formulated with quality ingredients to supply our customers a quality supplement.