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Rugby Main Station

Rugby main store

105 4th Ave. SW.
Rugby, ND 58368-1033

Phone: (701) 776-5221
Toll-free: 800-488-8980
Fax: (701) 776-2940

Hours of Operation
  • Monday–Friday: 7:00 AM–5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM–1:00 PM

In Store

  • Convenience store items, Deli Express, etc.
  • Bakery items, Home of the Hearth Bakery
  • Snacks, beverages, health & beauty
  • Frozen foods
  • Rocky, Georgia, and Ariat footwear
  • Carhartt clothing
  • Oil, grease, and antifreeze
  • All sizes of water tanks
  • Lawn and Garden supplies
  • Bale twine
  • TrustWorthy hardware
  • Hydraulic hoses and repair
  • Banjo fittings

North Dakota Products

Home of the Hearth Bakery


  • Husqvarna lawn mowers and snow blowers
  • P J Trailers (see: Grain Handling)
  • Carry-On enclosed trailers
  • Stihl trimmers and chainsaws
  • Welding supplies
  • Augers and bins
  • Sprayer parts
  • Hardware, truck, and farm supplies
  • Propane tank fills

The Shop

Our shop offers many services, including:

  • On-farm tire repair
  • Tire sales and changes, oil changes, brake work, tune-ups.
  • Small engine: lawn mowers, snow blower, & weed eater tune-ups.
  • Motor cycle and ATV oil changes


  • Marvin Migler
    Marvin Migler

    Station Manager

    Email: rugbysta@gondtc.com
    Phone: (701) 776-5221

  • Dale Fedje
    Dale Fedje

    Safety Director

    Email: dale.fedje@envisioncooperative.com

  • Deanne Fedje
    Deanne Fedje

    Human Resources

    Email: deanne.fedje@envisioncooperative.com

  • Darren Opstedal
    Darren Opstedal

    IT Manager

    Email: darren.opstedal@envisioncooperative.com

  • Miriah Filler
    Miriah Filler

    Marketing Coordinator

    Email: miriah.filler@envisioncooperative.com

  • Joni Swearson
    Joni Swearson

    Financial Manager

    Email: joni.swearson@envisioncooperative.com
    Phone: 701-776-5221

  • Lynette Haggerty
    Lynette Haggerty

    Office Assistant

    Email: ljhaggerty@gmail.com

  • Melissa Anderson
    Melissa Anderson

    Office Assistant

    Email: melissa.anderson@envisioncooperative.com

  • Jane Brossart
    Jane Brossart

    Shipping Clerk

    Email: jane.brossart@envisioncooperative.com