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Looking Into The Future

Sep 24, 2019

It’s that time of the year and its been a struggle to get harvest finished up, but we are starting to get a lot of yield results in and performance of products for the year. Along with that, all of the seed companies are getting their programs together and pricing for the coming year. Even though it is tough to think about next years crop before this one is in, the best prices and best programs are available here in the near future. We need to start looking forward to next year. There are a lot of products out there that are new, a lot of finance programs available, and it’s a good time to look at ordering early to lock in the supply for next season.

Envision is happy to offer a couple of new brands of seed for the coming year, Legand and ProSeed, as two new options in our seed line up. There are a lot of varieties and a lot of things to pick from, so I encourage everyone to sit down and visit with your Agronomist to look at the right seed traits and the right seed products to meet your farm needs.

Crops are actually doing good for the season that we have come through. Yields are respectable; not the top end of the yields that we have seen in the past but certainly not the worst. I think everyone is happy with what we are seeing on yields, but it would be nice if the weather cooperates so we can get it finished up. Your Envision Agronomist has a tool available that they can sit down and talk with you about your fields and the best options for your crop rotations for next year. With this tool, we can put in your soil test levels and your weed pressure for herbicide program. This may be a great tool to use when you talk to your lenders to line up things for this season or just to make good seed decision for next year for your own acres. 

Please get in touch with one of our Agronomists in Rugby 776-7692 | Mohall 756-6469 | Wolford 583-2823, and we will be happy to sit down and go through programs with you for this upcoming year!


Roger Taylor

Agronomy Division Manager 

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