A Breadth Of Knowledge For A Diverse Mix Of Crops

Unlike the U.S. Corn Belt, the Northern Plains feature a wide range of crops. From small grains, to pulses, to oilseeds, to cover crops, your acres vary from year-to-year and even from season-to-season.

At Envision, we invest in our people to make sure we provide agronomic recommendations and services that fit your needs and maximize return on investment and crop acres. 

One of the strong points of our team is that we have many years of experience in all phases of agronomy and crop production. We have several Certified Crop Advisers on staff, and we continuously attend training sessions to staying up to date on new products and developments in the industry. 

As a team, we work together to identify what’s going on with your crops, and we collaborate to address issues whether you grow wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, safflowers, durum, flax, canola, green and yellow peas, chickpeas, cover crops …  or something else!

Maximize Your Return

Precision agriculture is a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture, since it respects crops, soils and farmers. At Envision, we have the knowledge of prairie soils to best utilize precision ag practices on your operation. 
We gather a wide range of data, including soil fertility, yields and aerial imagery, to help create a prescription for your individual acres. This allows us to put inputs such as fertilizer and seed where crops can best utilize them.  

Ideally, we’ll soil sample in the fall, then through winter months we’ll look at crop rotation, and what you need to do for fertilizer. This gives us time to build maps, so when spring is you’re your prescription can be applied as soon as the field is ready. 

We make decisions on the best prescription for an individual field by using numerous tools, including: 




This tool from Winfield provides in-season maps, variable-rate maps, and a field monitoring tool that shows if a field is trending up or down compared to other fields. It does so by utilizing satellite data that is collected numerous times each week and compares the field to other fields planted within the same maturity and planting window. It also can provide yield predictions, which helps guide our seed recommendations.

Climate Fieldview


Climate Fieldview

Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. You can collect data including in-season images, weather, planting, spraying, soil sampling, harvest, and fertilizer as-applied all in one place and then break the data down into usable information. We can also upload all your grid sampling data to give you additional insights into your fields. The bottom line is by having all this data in one place, we can make better decisions to drive the profitability of your operation.

Stay on Top of Your Acres

Our field scouting services are a key part of utilizing precision agriculture practices, and also a primary piece of building crop protection recommendations. 

When we scout your fields throughout the season, we can bring together all the pieces to determine how to best manage your crops. Some of our services include:

Some of our services include:

Tissue sampling

Soil sampling

Weed and insect identification

Crop protection recommendations

Tissue Sampling

Tissue Sampling

When plants lack essential elements, they can’t perform up to their genetic potential. Tissue sampling helps us identify hidden problems before they cause problems. Minor deficiencies are difficult to see, and sampling allows us to fine tune macro and micro fertilizer needs before they affect yield. It also helps us identify problems with the current crop and fine tune fertilizer prescriptions for the next crop year.

Soil Sampling

Soil Sampling

By utilizing zone soil sampling, we can identify the best approach for fertilizing to realize the maximum return. Our samples generate data that can be brought into the R7 Tool to build fertilizer recommendations using university recommendations. We typically do soil testing in the fall after combining.

Better Equipment, Better People, Best Results

When it comes to custom application, Envision has the latest equipment and certified applicators to get the job done when you need it.
  • On dry fertilizer, we run Case IH machines with the high-wheel applicator that can apply preplant and in-crop for side dress applications for minimal crop damage. 
  • We do variable rate spreading, and we have multiple bins for multiple products in the same pass. We do fall fertilization as well.
  • Ideally, we have field maps built ahead of time, so all it takes is a phone call to let us know which farms and fields are ready to go. We’ll get it on the schedule as soon as possible! 
  • If we don’t have a map, we’ll just need the description to get it on our list to get it spread. 
  • All our applicators are certified with the state to do crop protection products and restricted use chemicals.
Crop Protection


Protection from Weeds, Disease and Insects

With our diverse prairie crops and soils, you need a partner who is on top of the latest developments in crop protection. Whether it’s new chemistries, branded products versus generics or new agronomic threats, we have the knowledge to deliver what you need for your fields.

We work with all the basic manufacturers of crop protection chemicals to provide a large selection of products, including generics.



The Best Nutrition for Optimal Results

When it comes time to fertilize, Envision is the place to call. We have a diverse lineup of anhydrous, dry and liquid fertilizers to meet every producer’s needs.

Your Full-Service Seed Source

We represent a wide range of seed brands to have the ability to select the genetics that will thrive in your fields, no matter what crop you grow.

Some of the brands we represent include:

Seed treatment

Seed treatment

We offer on-site seed treatment options as well as products for on-farm treatment, including a full line of fungicide and insecticide treatments.

We’re flexible to meet your needs for specific crops, and we have the ability to provide inoculants for pulse crops and soybeans. We also offer biologicals.

Field Trial

Test plots/ field trial

We continuously look at new releases and compare them to current products on the market to make sure they perform yield-wise against the standards. We try to have plots in each of our key areas, across the geography we serve from east to west to look at different conditions and soils. Check back to our website for when field days will be announced to get a first-hand look at how the products performed.

Agronomy Team

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