We Live Animal Agriculture - Literally

We strive to treat customers the way we want to be treated. Our staff has either been involved in livestock ag or is still involved in it, and we never try to sell anything we would not use on our own place.

From our primary locations in Towner and Sherwood, we provide a full-service experience for the livestock products you need on a day-to-day basis. And we go beyond products by providing services such as feed sampling, ration analysis, animal health consulting and delivery


For optimal performance and productivity, livestock and poultry need superior nutrition. We do sampling and offer nutrient analysis to help you formulate a balanced ration for your animals.  

We have deep knowledge in beef operations, including cow/calf, feedlot and bulls, and we partner with the experts at CHS to provide knowledge and premium quality feed for all species.

Payback Feeds

Every product in the CHS Payback feed lines are carefully formulated to help improve herd health, fertility, and meat production. Payback offers nutrition for Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Swine, Goat, Sheep, Equine and Show animals.

Payback Mineral

Payback provides mineral supplements for every stage of beef production. We offer products for feeding, finish diets and cow/calf production.

Smartlic Low Moisture Tubs

Extensive university research has gone into developing the innovative line of Smartlic supplements that target crucial areas like health, feed efficiency, and animal show and reproductive performance. Research consistently shows that feeding Smartlic supplements helps improve forage utilization, and that, combined with Smartlic’s low consumption rate results in lower feed costs on a per-day, per-head basis

Payback Liquid

We offer Payback liquid supplements in an array of applications for feedlot supplementation and cow/calf production. Payback liquid is formulated with quality ingredients to supply our customers a quality supplement.

Total Equine

Total Equine was developed from science and experience and first produced in 2000. The nutrient levels are based on what has been learned from scientific research over the last 40 years. The physical form of extrusion and the specific ingredients are what horses, mules, and donkeys need to maximize health, attitude and performance.

The base of Total Equine is alfalfa hay, which gives it the odor and flavor equines love. The palatability is excellent. The fiber level supplies 70-80% of the equine need for a safe ration. When fed at 4 lb. per 1000 lb. of body weight, Total Equine provides the nutrients required by mature equines when fed with adequate quality roughage

Animal Health

We carry vaccines, general antibiotics, pour-ons, insecticides and other non-prescription products. We also carry a full line of supplies, such as Z-tags, tags, syringe guns, syringes and needles.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim is a global leader in animal health. They guide their work with a passionate belief in a future in which no animal suffers from a preventable disease.

They provide advanced, preventative animal healthcare. They develop vaccines, parasiticides, and pharmaceuticals that protect animals against disease and pain. They develop new and advanced therapies to help manage chronic diseases more effectively, limiting pain and slowing disease progression.


Elanco advances the vision of enriching lives through food and companionship by developing innovative solutions that protect & enhance animal health.


Merck customers have always known that they can depend on Merck Animal Health for more than just medicine. They count on Merck for information, technologies, and veterinary services that truly advance animal health care. It is their heritage and their mission.


Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever-better ways. Building on 60 years of experience, Zoetis delivers quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products, genetic tests, biodevices, and a range of services. They work every day to better understand and address the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals in ways they find truly relevant.

Delivering High Quality Handling Supplies

We offer premium quality, branded livestock handling supplies, including waterers. Check with us for our current inventory and ask about delivery services.


Hiqual manufactures livestock and equine equipment with quality, innovation, safety and value in mind. Hiqual builds an array of products such as horse stalls, maternity pens, working systems, chutes, and gates to handle all your livestock needs.

Earth Mover Tire Tanks

Our open-top earth mover tire tanks provide years of service with minimal maintenance. Our covered-tire tanks offer minimal maintenance in our harsh North Dakota winters. They come with 2 or 3 drinker holes, and they are made with a riser and bottom pre-assembled so you can prep. a site and set them fast and easily.

Montana Fiberglass Tanks

Montana Fiberglass, Inc. tanks are designed for durability, a bi-directional woven mat is used. The boxed-in lip gives added strength around the top of the tanks with over 3/16” of wall thickness. All tanks are built with risers in the bottom to provide traction.

Livestock Fencing

Look to Envision for a full line of fencing supplies, from posts to electric fence wire to post pounders. We also rent a Wheatheart post pounder as well. We’re proud to provide high-quality products to make a professional end product when it’s done. 

Wheatheart Post Pounders

Wheatheart Manufacturing was established in 1973 and manufactures portable grain augers, grain handling accessories, and post pounders. Wheatheart is a market leader in the western Canadian grain handling and post pounder equipment markets with a rapidly growing market presence in the U.S. and other fencing and grain markets around the world. Wheatheart equipment is built with resilience and longevity in mind, and it can withstand the physical demands placed on today’s farming equipment.

Red Brand Wire

Red Brand is the premium line of agricultural fencing products and reigns as the most recognized brand of farm fence in the United States. Since 1889 Red Brand has been standing guard with top-quality, American-made fence products for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re a full-time farmer or a part-time enthusiast, Red Brand is the product of choice when selecting the best in farm fence.

Stay Tuff Wire

With three times the life and almost four times the strength of typical low tensile fencing, your Stay-Tuff fixed knot fence will stand strong for generations. High tensile wire, a solid vertical stay wire, and a tight fixed knot provide exceptional strength and allow you to use far fewer posts, saving time and money, and our superior wire coatings ensure this fence will stand the test of time.

Gaucho Green Coat Wire

Combining the characteristics of flexible hinge joint field fence with professional-strength, high-tensile steel wire is the hallmark of high tensile 12.5g/10.5g Gaucho® Pro professional strength field fence. Its strength means it installs faster, with fewer posts, and it retains its shape with less ongoing maintenance concerns compared to low-carbon fencing. With a breaking load of 1,030 lbs, there are Gaucho® Pro 12.5g/10.5g Field Fence products for various farm and livestock applications including cattle, sheep, goat, swine, and equine.

Chicago Heights Steel Posts

These Chicago Heights Steel studded tee posts are made from rail steel. Like the rails that support and flex under the weight of a train, our posts have the same combination of strength and resiliency, guaranteeing a minimum yield point of 50,000 PSI and an ultimate tensile strength greater than 80,000 PSI.

Forest Products Distributing Wood Posts

These perfectly doweled-turned fence posts are manufactured from Ponderosa pine and Lodgepole pine, and they are much straighter, exhibit little or no unsightly bark, and have a relatively smooth surface, unlike regular peeled posts. All our doweled post materials are banded in square bundles and stickered. The stickers allow the posts in the bundle to dry properly before they are CCA pressure treated. The square bundles make them much easier and safer for loading and unloading, and they make yard inventory a snap. The banding we use is a super strong plastic/string composite, making cutting the bands much safer and easier when compared to steel banding.

Post poles come in diameters as small as 3” and as large as 8”. Lengths range from 4’–30’. Point and cap posts are up to 8” in diameter.

Livestock Team

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